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Blistered blisters upon my bed
By the sun mamma said to go ahead
Make a life of what you know is true
And maybe my sink and i'll take half
We could have have found
Looking through the hour glass
Just what i needed just why we drowned

Confusion is set to lead the blind
Trapped by the thoughts left in your mind

Melting away
Melting away

And now look around your hands are tied
With your friends talk across another lie
You sit happy ring side seats until the end
When it's night sick jokes are played on you
And when it falls never know quite what to do
We get so lonely our laughter
We feel so small with my heart on my sleeve
I will try to relieve

Space ship through this town no you can't get up
If you can't get down face lift leads her down
No you can't get up if you don't get down
One more life one more lie will you know

*NOTE - The last verse is not sung

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Número de Palavras155
Número de Letras870
IntérpreteAlex Lloyd

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