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watch them motor again
we can race and will bend
you might call in the night
who is to say what’s right

in the blink of an eye
all your trace evils die
have you seen longer days
tell me we’re still awake

and if you light your fire
a little too much a little too much
no no no
you only want to go higher
a little too much
a little too much

watch the night time my star
and look at every distant angel
coming round coming round to mend

oh does your heart fill with joy
every girl and boy
having a good time watching the night time

and we’re really chasing now
yeah we’re running down the miles
break this tired day I know the way
so much for the normal life

we’re coming to meet you
we’re coming to get you
we’re coming to help you home

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Número de Palavras126
Número de Letras757
IntérpreteAlex Lloyd

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