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the same old loose lipped cannon
speaks for you today
alone without your talent
there’s not much to say

and all these arguements
are meaningless today
and the reasons why they’ve
vanished in the haze

(2*) calling downtown
no reasons do they owe you
tell me
how’d you think it came to be

(2*) calling downtown
how they come to love you
when you didn’t want to set
them free

we don’t forgive to know you
will you ever see
know reasons do we owe you
how’d it come to be

the leaves have lost their shadows
deep amongst the grey
i hope that you’ll be friendly
i heard someone say

(2*) it’s a stranger, calling downtown
the further away you get

its easy to start from the back of the line
where there’s no one to tell you you’re still behind
it’s a stranger the further away you get
and you never miss your friends
until you can’t relate to the people beside you
here today .
it’s a stranger the further away you get

calling downtown
calling downtown

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Número de Palavras146
Número de Letras1001
IntérpreteAlex Lloyd

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