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Done it to myself once again
breaking off a piece for everyone
I gave in good faith
in you I believed
but these efforts to connect just segregate given time
Then walls grow taller not with bricks and mortar
but with distance and indifference
and you trust like children and you break like glass
won't you please put me back together?

Just for a minute you were my best friend
what I gave
you took away (give it back)

Swimming in a sea of nameless faces
good-natured boy wants the world to be his friend
is that the rock tied around his ankle that will drag him down and drown him in the end

He needs a hand to hold
He needs a hand
Do you have one to lend?
Past to present is all he seems to know
understand that's the reason he's afraid to give again

Just for a minute you were my best friend
what I gave you took away

It just bleeds into one anymore
so sad but common to throw this blanket over all is that the state of relations that I made for myself
'cause it's cake to doubt
and I won't trust again
And the Fallout takes it's toll
The Fallout takes it's toll
on me
and on you
When it settles will we ever be the same
time heals a broken heart but the scars they never go away

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IntérpreteMayfield Four

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