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Are you growing weary as you dance all alone
in a room that's resonating with an old familiar song
making you want the other
for a while there wasn't friction then alone you were at ease
but now and then there's something that makes you want to be back in the arms
but you can't take it

(Chorus) It always, always seems to find you
what you want you don't need 'Cause she locks you down
so aren't you better off alone?

This prince with little purpose thinks he'll find it in the wings of an angel or a princess but surely not a queen
but that's about the only thing that he knows for sure
Yeah, he's the king of contradiction who changes everyday
one minute he finds peace and love and the next he finds disdain
it's way to complicated things will never change

Always, seem like you always
Look for any kind of reason
To justify your need to jump back in

Do you really want to do it
have you washed out all the stains
you seem crazy with temptation
and very very dazed and confused
Who's trying your throne
That stone inside you call a heart thawed just enough to beat
and familiar feelings came as you surrender to the needs of another
Not another

Always, seems like you always
Claim to have so much control but you're such a mess when you're all alone
Always, seem like you always
Look for any kind of reason to justify a means to jump back in

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Número de Palavras231
Número de Letras1387
IntérpreteMayfield Four

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