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Might is a magnet and everyone dreams of it.
And if they have it they just try not to lose it.
With all your might you impose your will.
You don't like the persons who put obstructions in your way.
You often have the motive but still nothing to do.
I see that decline I see that circumstance it's all so simple but dance your social dance.
It's just a shit.
Do you really understand what do you hold in your big hand.
And do you understand how rapid you will close your hand.
It's easy to resist your might I just will look around.
I feel like throwing up.
Blow your problems away look at that decay.
I see you grow.
Your eyes are blind corruptive is that way and I try to find the sense of your might to understand your sight.
There is nothing to ignore so I look down to your abattoir.

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Número de Palavras142
Número de Letras793
IntérpreteX Marks The Pedwalk

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