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[Without mistakes there is no forgiving
without forgiving there is no love]
So this is life
the normal way
was there a sign
all through the day
I can't find a sense for living
while the people smile and cry
They don't give an damn about me
No, they do not even try
Is there a god or is there a solution
Farewell to you I've made this conclusion
to switch off the pain when my nerves are torn
my bodyic hurts cause it's old and worn
Cancer eats my limbs, intestines and meat
mortal remains kept by mechanical beat
So you can't help me even if you try
you think of me please tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why is existence so dark for me
Tell me why should I come back to life for free
Tell me why do you want me to get up again
Tell me why should I follow the advice of men
Don't ask me why

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Número de Palavras142
Número de Letras797
IntérpreteSteve Wynn

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