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They are the five and the morning
and I have not slept anything,
thinking of your beauty, lunatic will stop.
the insomnia is my punishment,
your love will be my relief
and until you are not mine I won't live in peace.
Today I met your boyfriend, small and non buenmozo
and you that the he/she doesn't love you, for their form of speaking.
Also your you don't love him, because the one doesn't give the size,
he/she doesn't know how to delight as he/she would make it me,
but I will have patience because the one is not competition,
for that reason there are not reasons, for me to respect it.

Coro:(Yudy Santos)
No, it is not love, that that your you feel, he/she calls himself obsecion,
an illusion in your thought that makes you be things, this way
the heart works.

Very dress and in my lexus,
go by your school, they inform me
that you fuistes, as crazy went you to alcansar,
it looks for you and he/she didn't find you,
and that me procupaba,
to calm my longing, I wanted to call you,
but non taenia your I number,
and your friend already denied it to me,
that beautiful one a lot helps myself,
and that brought me the solution,
me you that he liked,
and that I gave him a look,
with a couple of words
your I number he/she gave me,
of the cellular one he/she called,
and your you didn't answer,
then I put you a pager
and there was not connection,
my only hope,
it is that you hear my words

I am not able to, I have boyfriend

don't please hook me

Yudy: choir

I made appointment pal psychiatrist
to see if he/she helped me,
because I no longer have friends
for alone to speak of you,
what I want is to speak to you,
to try to kiss you
to be passion of an obsecion that he/she cannot die.
And quisas thinks that I am silly, rascal, and also crazy,
but it is that in the love I am very original,
I fall in love as others,
I conquer to my way,
to love is my talent,
I will fall in love,
it excuses if I offend you
but it is that I am honest
with luxury of particulars
he/she listens my version
pure cream and chocolate,
huntarte and devour you,
to take you to another world
in your mind heart.
They come adventure he/she lives
let us make a thousand madness
I will make you caresses that have not been invented.

It is not love, it is not love, it is an obsecion(repeat til fade)

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