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I remember walking home.
It seems like yesterday.
I felt so good and safe.
The world was my domain.

I just took a few more steps.
When everything around was gone.
Coming back from make belief.
Coming back to disappear.

I try to play the game…
I try to stay the same…

Hanging here.
I will be fucked again.
I know my destiny.
It’s all in the family.
The way I see.
I will be fucked again.
My friend.

I try to play the game…
I try to stay the same…
I will be fucked again…

The world is turning too dark.
Remembering all the childish dreams.
I’m learning to fade so I can die.
I want to make believe.

One life
One chance
One way out

No life
No chance
No way out

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IntérpreteD Creation

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