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Can't believe
Out of time
Look down, but I'm afraid to fall

On sleeping sand
That voice is taking me away

And I feel I'm floating downstream
Just like I've never been born
Vision of colours
Steppin' inside now I know I'm free

I see you there
See the people standing there
I'm everywhere
And this is not a state of mind
I wave my hand
Now gimme space I can be
All I feel is delight

The more I go inside
The more there is to see
Somebody's calling and I sing

Rocking horse
And little bird of green
Saying that I'm no longer blind

Have the stars in place of my eyes
I've never had it before
Sight of an angel
Steppin' outside now I know I'm free.

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Número de Palavras105
Número de Letras705
IntérpreteB Charme

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