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1. Cold Jordan

Oh stranger as you're treading life's journey; Take Jesus as your daily guide; Though you may feel pure and safe here, Without Him walking by your side; But when you come to make the crossing; At the ...

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2. Friend 'til The End

I know that you get tired of traveling this lonesome road alone; You try with all your might to do right but it seems like it's all wrong; Don't lose heart, I've been with you from the start; (chorus)...

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3. Great Is Thy Reward

I was hungry and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was naked and you clothed me again; I was a stranger and you took me in; And they said Lord when did we do; These righteou...

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4. Half A Day Away

You dropped me off for my first day of school; Six years old and had to learn new rules; I didn't know what I was walking into; I turned around and waved goodbye to you; When you left me I remembered ...

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5. He Understands My Tears

Its hard to believe he still loves me; Knowing how wrong I have been; When all I can say is I'm sorry; When all I can feel is my sin; He understands when all I can do is cry; He feels the hurt that no...

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6. Heroes

Momma combs his hair and Daddy helps him brush his teeth; Day after day for thirty years the same routine; The special needs he lives with make life seem so unfair; But he thanks God every day cause h...

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7. If That Don't Make You Want To Go

John saw a golden city, New Jerusalem come down; Twelve jasper walls and gates of pearl/Such splendor all around; And he tells about a river of life that flows beneath the throne; Where we'll drink an...

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8. In His Hands

I found a reason to love again; I found the answer, I found a friend; I saw two footprints here in the sand; He walks beside me, I’m in His hands; I must remember, I am a sinner; If I surrender, He’ll...

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9. It Is Well

There lived a man and a woman, In a town called Shunem, They made a home for Elisha, And found favour in his eyes, So GOD sent them a miracle, The only thing they longed for, Within a year they would ...

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10. Lord Of The Dance

I danced in the morning when the world was begun; And I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun; And I came down from Heaven and I danced on the Earth; In Bethlehem I had my birth; Dance, then, w...

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11. Peace

I heard about these kids walkin' on a train track; Forty tons of steel bearin' down on them; And they just turned their backs; Channel 5 asked the one who survived; \"Son, why'd you do such a thing?\"...

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12. Peace Like A River

Did you ever have an empty feeling; Many miles away from home; Everybody's tryin' to treat you friendly; Yet you're alone; It's taken some time for me to uncover; The purpose He has in my life; Don't ...

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13. Sweet Holy Spirit

The Bible it tells us in God's word so true; The sweet Holy Spirit is promised to you; It sat upon Jesus in the form of a dove; When John was baptizing God's Dearly Beloved; (chorus); Sweet Holy Spiri...

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14. Yours And Mine

I hope I didn't wake you (It's never too late); My heart is so broken (Honey, It'll be OK); I wish you were here now (I wish I was too); Don't know what I'd do without you; (chorus); If I could take t...

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