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1. Celestial Flames

Proceeding through passageways of the lost, Unclear screeches disarray my solace; Growing louder, they iterate; I've been located by the wings of consternation, Calling for my surrender; The black fea...

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2. Face Deletion

Something tells me I’m not awake; but I’m sceptical. Drifting into a domain where shadows take shape and regulate. I’ve been here before and will stand here once more to be tried and tested. What’s co...

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3. Fields Of Grey

Faltering into the entity of time, I see the prospect of your wrongs. The end consoled in the clarity of sorrow…; Of the fated. Witness the turn of tide that disintegrates, unraveling the hole in me. ...

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4. Pulse Within The Paradox

Sparks illuminate my face with a quest for attention. The screen glows and inquires my dependency. I'm activated by the electric waves, Lacking decision I asphyxiate in frequencies. Confined in the pe...

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5. Rhesus Artificial

Sounds unfold from the city below and penetrate my state of mind, awakening me with the silence of tomorrow. A new solar day has begun, but its gray as the one before. Without sense of time, the apath...

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6. Shadow Drift

For centuries I've wandered; Across terrains of betrayal, stretching with no surface; Disregarded I sweep the regions of denial, Forgetting my intent; Slumbering wounds of despair are revived, Stirrin...

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7. Tongue Of The Soiled

(whispers resound); Dazed, I stumble in the corner of a memory; No perception, I'm devoid of my senses; I follow the deceiving walls and corridors, Searching for my reminiscence; A stray into the stre...

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