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1. 25 Steps

There's a dark little place i go; It's 25 steps below; So many stories untold; A swarm of emotions not shown; I need it my way; We're going my way; I'd like it my way; I need it my way; My place is da...

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2. Control

There's a little man inside us all; One that tells us that are best is not good enough; Wake up give it all give it all or nothing at all; To sides to extremes to sides not control; Control control co...

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3. Hear Them Fear Them

I here them i fear them all; Observation has caused to many to fall; Seemingly positive yet i dread for the worst; With probability of infinity an eye could twitch; A mind could burst; I may burst; I ...

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4. Here Comes Another

hear comes another; i really want another; i really need another; i better get another; ahh; and if i don't get another; i will eat your supper; and if i see u suffer; i will not recover; and if you t...

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5. Lucky Ones

Sudden panic, I've lost my touch; Nausea won't break, out of luck; Too late, can't wait, backwards thought; We are fucked; We are fucked; Constant pounding in my eye; Look up, cheer up, funny guy; It'...

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