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1. Blood Carpet

I watch the shadow of your soul. I realize that desperation is imminent. I know very well what they want. Somebody save me from this fucking patience! The roof is broken, the rain wets the created. Th...

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2. Fake Flory

Fake glory that destroys; Making (Getting) to the top, of your own ego; Shit coz it's bad, when you've already completed your mission; Redemption and renovation are things that kill you every day, inv...

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3. Puke This Scarecrow

We have ''lost enough time''; The force of fear comes to the critical stage. And it comes to ease before a defeat. The screaming is intense, insanity is close to the surface. And everything turns to d...

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4. The Harvest

The harvest is painful, heavy and dirty. Weak seed, does that. Is its function. Opened doors, does not convince. Much less blood. FUCKING HARVEST!!! Don't have calluses on hands; Hungry eyes, and hatr...

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