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1. Bat In The Kitchen

413 parker, eating a bowl of count cholcula; did your neighbors sell their house yet; they're the ones with two small dogs as pets; round round and round in a figure eight; don't know how he got in bu...

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2. Forever & A Day

i miss you, you're so cute; been gone an hour and i feel sad; i'm glad you're coming back, wish it was today; and i want you to stay, with me forever and a day; it's just me and the kitties; bella's a...

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3. Happy Place

tell me have you had the day i've had; i'm so exhausted i can hardly stand; my eyelids are close to shutting; and i can't quite remember; what i was saying; so here's a drink to get me through; cheers...

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4. I Wanna Know

i wanna know i wanna know; what you think about me; am i number one on your list or am i thirty three; cause i wanna know what goes on in your head; are we heading for forever or is this already dead;...

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5. La Ti Da

La Ti Da; Things are lookin alright today; The sun is shining I'm feeling okay; My chin is up , my spirit is high; Pretty sure that I could fly; So I sing la ti da ti da; Things are finally right for ...

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6. Porch Swing

i really think i love you; i just don't know how to tell you; i'm afraid of what you'll say; every day i think about you; i wonder what you're doing; are you thinking about me; cause i need a boy who ...

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7. Pretty

i've got a hundred patterns; i don't even know where to begin; putting the pieces together; i'm hoping to make a pretty dress; one that will make me feel the best; but i know that it's not real; and i...

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8. Ralphy Rodriguez

I love you on tv; you make me wanna scream; i get all giddy inside; seeing your face keeps me alive; maybe you don't know me; but i feel it just the same; you were meant for me; and i know you'll feel...

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9. Rock N' Roll Girl

I'm gonna be a rock n roll star; gonna play my electric guitar; and I'm gonna finally quit my job; show the world what I got; I'm gonna travel around the world; gonna be a rock n roll girl; and I'm go...

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10. Snowman

i was playing in the snow today; somehow i didn't mind the cold; and for a minute thought you'd melt away; and then i started feeling old; a bright sunday afternoon; chasing our cares away; the sun is...

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11. Sugar Sweet

Oh baby you're sugar sweet; And you're loving knocks me off my feet; Baby, you know that it's true; I can see it when I look at you; oooh, yeah you're just about my everything; oooh, yeah you're just ...

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12. Sunday Song

heavy heart on a sunday morning; the winds are blowing i can feel the warning; leaves are changing there's a chill in my soul; it's time to pack my bags, i'm ready to go now; a hundred winters, keeps ...

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