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1. Deadbeat Battle Cry

Dot the I's and cross the T's; You don't give a shit about me; It's not alright, it's not ok; It's time to set things straight; and I hope you feel the same; cause things will never be the same; Why d...

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2. Die Birdy Die

Blood shot eyes and a runny nose; Messed up sheets and a de thorned rose; Broken dreams, and messed up hair; I guess it's true. Life isn't fair; I feel my eyes are burning out of my head; THE THINGS Y...

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3. Disposability

I sit in my room, and I watch the tube; Nothing's on, so I think of you; I know, I should be doing homework; But god damn.. my teachers a jerk; I know I treat you bad; Well, I know! I can't go on thin...

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4. Emo Killed Depression

Emo killed depression; Do you even know? You can't be depressed anymore; Just a label for a song; Blood shed sepression; Passed down through out the years; But that's all a thing of the past; Replaced...

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5. Killing Time

Sitting here, chilling on a Saturday night; I know! Soon I'll be alright; Today! It's like any other day; So what am I supposed to say? I JUST WANNA DANCE! WILL YOU GIVE ME A CHANCE? I don't wanna be;...

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6. Misadventures Of A Deadbeat

He was a deadbeat, on the streets; nothing to do.. nothing to do for you; He was a deadbeat, I don't know why. He can get a guitar, and get a job like mine; Just give him something to eat; a little mo...

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7. One Night Stand

How are you? How have you been since we've never met. Where are you from? How is there? Is the weather nice? What's your favorite color to paint the bedroom walls? I don't know if we should take it th...

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8. Scene Whore

She's a scene whore, Everybody knows; She's a scene whore, She goes to the shows; She's a scene whore, She just wants to be seen; She's a scene whore, and no one cares; She's a scene whore, go comb yo...

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9. She Love's Me Not

Go! My eyes are closed because I'm dreaming about that time you turned me down; You say I'm sweet? But why do I always have a frown? But anyway, the weather outside is as cold as your heart; Why do yo...

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10. Singing Telegram

My name's Dante and how are you? I have a singing telegram, and it's just for you; Your Mom's alright, and your Dad's ok; Your Brother's in jail, and your Sister is gay; But where are you at in the sc...

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11. The Joke's On You

It's been a long time since I've told you how I felt. So I'll use this time to make your life a living hell. Your jokes are hurtful and no one's laughing except your self. Because he who laughs last i...

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12. To The Point

Saturday is on the way; don't you forget what I say; I-75 is looking fine to me; long days turn into nights; Friendships turn into fights; days go by, with out a care in the world; So I close my eyes ...

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13. Two Strings Short

Maybe I'll get chicks if I play guitar! I'd jam on my bass, smile for the camera; Scream my lungs out in chorus and stanza; I'd rock my Old Navy, which I think is cool; BUT I DON'T HAVE A MOHAWK LIKE ...

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