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1. A Hymn For The Dead

I wondered why that black car suddenly stopped at my side; The let me know, that there is no flight; Devilish fever in their eyes, when they said to me:; There is no right! yours souls my rise so high...

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2. A Nightmare

You feel the breath of cold metal now; Blades shred bones, blood flows; Angels sing the hymn of death; As christ is burnt in light; A forest of light, god's dancing on clouds; Fire is burning the wood...

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3. A Summer's End

At another black day; He was playing with my soul; First he broke my will; Then he gained control; Oh father, am I no longer your son? Won't you save me; Where are you gone now; Where are you? Despera...

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4. Lizard Skin

She fixed me with her hungry eyes; I couldn't move, she seemed to sigh; The signs she gave were almost clear; She asked me to believe in what she offered; And to loose my fear; The evening I got to he...

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