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1. Lies Nazareth

I find myself walking a shady path into the grey; And what I don’t need is cats bringing me the grief along the way; The unfaithful, the traitor, the hustler, the sneak; My position as the heretic, th...

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2. Sleep

God, its time to wake; Acidy feeling shakes; Oh, but the witching hour has its benefits; A pair of candlesticks; Dusty wooden shelf; Shed a bit of light to my abyss, but I’m beyond repair; Tranquil, i...

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3. The Rivers And The Rain

I lost my groove today; Caught up, tied down, blew the game; Aimed straight for LaFay; But that groove got stuck; I somewhat embraced the light; And tried to sort it once, yet got shaken away; It unde...

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