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1. Among the Wildflowers

You were born on a leap year; Fill in the gaps; Spinning gears keep catching your cracks; Skipping teeth; Keep calling you back; Telling stories pretending they're fact; Let me go. Too unstable to wan...

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2. An Introduction To The Album

Open the curtains; Singing birds tell me; "Tear the buildings down."; You felt blessed; To receive their pleasant sound; The sound of things that break; Make you cringe inside yourself; Inside yoursel...

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3. Dendron

You cut your ties, felt better off; Salutations to your son; Awoke to find you heading out; With your white collar undone; You placed a bar, I played a game; To see how low that I could go; We develop...

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4. Discomfort Revisited

You carry an illness; Practically know it by name; It seldom speaks for you; You learned to tune it away; But it wasn't easy; Was fond of your writing; It allowed me to see into you; You hid behind th...

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5. Goodness Pt. 1

When the sun rested on olive shoulders; And the wind kissed the back of your neck; I would lay and absorb in the silence; In your language I haven't learned yet; In the tune of the national anthem; Si...

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6. Housebroken

We called off your guard as we entered the yard; To convince you to redirect some of that rage; Because who fed you rocks while they ate their thanksgiving; And who left you out all alone in their cag...

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7. In Framing

You fell for the first option presented of new rebirth; You couldn't see it but you thought you'd believe it; Since your soles cramping up have been swollen and sore; Your new shoes back then just don...

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8. Life in Drag

I tried to keep a steady hand; Tumble blocks; Start again; I held your side when you let go; And you came back well-rehearsed; In holding your own; A broken seal; A past self known; Retrieve my heart ...

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9. Settle The Scar

Dizzy, drunk and throwing up; I finally stopped my spinning; I guess I figured you'd show up; With all my old belongings; Saying "there you go my friend; I'm sure you've saved another"; Collapsing wal...

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10. Soft Animal

We were cloaked in the awning; Of night or early morning; Through the headboard there's a flicker of light; And light warning; Sophie's on the bunk overhead reading Mary Oliver; While I lay still in m...

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11. The Scope of All of This Rebuilding

You cut our ropes, left the umbilical; And now I carry around this weight of broken hope; And I can't retrace and I lost my hold; And blame myself 'cause that is all I've ever known; And your face sho...

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12. Your Deep Rest

"So while you're fixing up your bed; So while you're organizing drawers; Could you just listen to the problems had; With problems of yours? And what's that note you're writing there? Why are you givin...

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