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1. Html

HTML is not hard to spell, When I'm with you, when I'm with you; Binary code is just ones and ohs; I thought you knew; You are so swell, just like DSL; You touched my modem, you touched my modem. We w...

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2. Motorscooter

I’ve got a friend, his name is Motor; And we used to dance, in the summer; And we used to dance, in the backyard; We’d do that dance, it’s called the…; Motorscooter, yeah yeah yeah; Motorscooter, yeah...

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3. Photosynthesis

Come on little plants, we’re groovin’ in the sunlight; Spread your leaves and dance, reach up for the blue sky; Soak up all the water, I won’t leave your roots dry; Drink it up now, baby, let your cel...

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4. Rocker Girl

She wore a rocker shirt and a hippie skirt; A face you can't forget, smokin' a cigarette; Well you think you're in love but you know that you're not in love. ; He wore a man purse, sportin' converse; ...

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5. Seattle

I miss my boy when I’m in Seattle; I’d like to ride him like a horse without a saddle; I’d like to spank him with a big wooden paddle; I get so horny when I’m in Seattle; Seattle, Seattle; Seattle, Se...

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6. Wet Dream

He scraped his knee and no one jerked him off or rubbed his back for free; And someone might never love me; She was stung by a bee but she still had to make them toast with honey; And how can I sleep ...

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