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1. Bus Ride

It started up a weird day; The weather seems very off; But I still went out; Just to see; What this day got for me and; I'm sorry girl on the stop; If you thought for a second I hitting on you; I was ...

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2. Cigarrete Machine

Wind will feed my cinders to ashes; Broke myself from all of my leashes; And me and my girl will come back down; Using some sweet sweet brown; So come on, get a little closer; Use my head as you would...

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3. Empty Girl

She's a broken little record; Keeps spinning round and round; Black clothes made from leather; Party hard on some roof across the town; Black haired little devil; With her cherry lips and a pony tail;...

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4. Liar

I am; What I am; No traces left behind of the man; That I used to be; And I am; what I am trying to stand on broken knees; My lies have stand; My lies tend to stand till the last of us is brought to p...

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5. On Time

If you feel damn late to a party; Don't bother, just call me; I hop on the van and push it forward; So you can be a good prom attendee; Dance until it's late; Drink until it brakes; And wait for the b...

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6. Policeman

Policeman (x4); Policeman why did you shoot me? I hadn't done anything wrong; policeman your ways are corrupted; why can't I hold a gun? Possession; Law; Enforcement; Guns; Order, we don't have one; w...

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