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1. Behold The Hurricane

I'm in love with the night; Every breath of this house creaking; I'm familiar with the cold and the windows and the doors; And the sound of my heart beating; Beating in and out of time; And it's such ...

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2. Black Betty & The Moon

My love, my love, you're the sting of the scorpion. Consider, now, the angels, a little lower than you. And they twist and they turn, and they hold their breath 'til it's blue. And they can't turn awa...

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3. Blood Loss

My first love was an arsonist; Black eyes, deep set and avarice; Red lips built like a tomb; You'll never get out of this (some day I'll see to this); And moonlight I found would bow; To her slender h...

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4. Cherry Blossoms

I drive this car through the city every night; There's a quiet I never heard before; And lonely, my sister could not describe; All the good things gone wrong; And there was blood on my teeth; From the...

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5. Crush

Pour yourself a drink; I'll sing you a song; Don't worry about the money, honey; I got a tab a mile long; Bathe me up in light; Call me when you drown; I can wait all night; I've spent my whole life; ...

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6. Go Tell Everybody

I've been known to wear a fine black suit and a murder of a tie; I've got miles on my shoes that your brothers can't buy; I've got more than your man, more than even what he wants; I carry each and ev...

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7. I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together

I met you in the upper room; Of a house where I slept with the angels; From hell and from heaven; Some for haunting, some for guarding; Each to his own purpose over my trembling skin; And I kept my se...

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8. I Witnessed a Crime

I guess the moon it had it out for us; And the night and the stars the same; Everything she touched turned to stone or died eventually; Or was never seen the same again; Yeah, and this heart I had; Yo...

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9. Ladykiller

Watch me slide over here; Feel me breathe over there; I seen a ghost in our willow; Must've lost his lover somewhere; I been around a few times; Never caught a fever like you; Never seen me a woman; T...

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10. Last Rites

Start up the car, Bury your memories, Call on your lovers; Speaking slow and heavy. ; Call up your boyfriends from out by the ocean, While I get my last rights read by a thief, While I get my last rig...

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11. Mary Ann

Look out below the hurricane comes near; The water's all poison and they're showing their teeth; So is that your baby, oh my my your darling? Well didn't she hear the sirens and the storm bell's warni...

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12. Sugar

I guess you need a little sugar; Cause you always wander around. How would you like a little fancy, Whenever you feel a little inside out. I heard you need a vacation, Said I bored you right to tears....

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