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1. Around My Wrist

i wanted a part of you that i could keep. i wanted a side of you only i could see. i wish i got what i deserved, all that pain it hurt and through my eyes; sometimes it looked like i tried. i still we...

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2. Combat

its funny day after day you never; listen to a word i say. here comes someone new, you'll follow them they'll follow you. this is combat, this is my comeback to you. go on again explain your situation...

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3. Everyday's Winter

making progress seems the hardest thing, when every morning is so grey; and today is just the same; as every other for weeks. these days are dark for you, and i wish i could see through, your defence ...

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4. Giving Up

you said youre just too good, translated i understood; "youre childish and immature, i've seen the world and then some more, i never meant those words i said, and youre the fool for eating; what i fed...

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5. Projecting Power

falling through my dreams, breaking me at the seams, i'm waiting for a change, but all things stay the same. if i falter will you follow me? sitting silent softly. somethings stirring beneath; your di...

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6. Stories

The wind changed and your face stayed; Mild and motionless; As we swayed with memories; And I am waiting and wasted; I'm trying to fight my way through; I've doubts about me and you; I don't know what...

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7. Waiting

to say you changed me unrelenting; it was everything to me. something to think while playing; this its hit or miss. theres no point telling; me anything i never hear. never here not out of choice. the...

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8. Wasting Time

Do you feel like, you're wasting time on me (time on me); 'cause I feel like, I'm wasting time on this it's not worth it; The more you try, The more you change, I'm wasting time and yours again, And w...

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