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1. Bastard

Bastard! Turn it back man! Bastard! Fuck off, let's go! Don't hear me tonight; And stop now to cry; Just give me the time; Now we travel in the light; Understanding your mind; Have an idea of a life; ...

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2. Genève's Murderer

I'm observing you for the window; Many confused things pass in my head; I'm certain that you'll be my next victim; I don't only know if I must kill it now; You always walked with security; It never im...

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3. Horizon Starfish

I never thought in the distance; I always thought in the best for us two; I know that in the fund you don't want that... ; Give me your hand, love; We won't discuss relations today; The important is y...

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4. My Boom

I hear nothing you say; I give my hand for you; You or the star there I'm runaway; I want my boom; I never live for you too; I can't send for you; The rainbow that I don't; All my love is under my boo...

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