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1. Dead Cat Boogie

You know my mama told me papa told me too; You don't know what she's up to; Well it's a dead cat; Come home at night talkin' outa your head; Have to take a bath before you go to bed; Well it's a dead ...

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2. Do I Love You

Do I want you for my baby? Do I want you by my side? Do I wanna run and kiss your lips? Say you're my loving guy; Oh, oh; Do I need your arms around me? Do I live my life for you? Do I always feel so ...

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3. Johnny Are You Gay?

Is she really going out with him? I dunno! Hey, there she is. Let's go ask her! Hey Gina! Is that Johnny's ring you're wearing? Uh-huh! Are you guys, like, hanging out? Uh-huh! I mean are you like, se...

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4. Maniac Lover

Drivin' down the street in my long black Cadillac; Gotta find that girl before I get a heart attack; See you standin' there lookin' for someone to hold; So I invite you inside, because outside it's to...

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5. Westbourn Train

You ask me to stay then you tell me that I have to go; You tell me to hurry then you tell me to take it slow; You say that you will then you say that you won't; You say that you love me then you say t...

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