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1. Apricots

back in the eighties; the air smelled like roses; i flew my big black balloon; as an accountant, over the City; staring straight at the moon; ; then all my friends quit smoking; saying an ill wind had...

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2. Banking On Karma

she came looking for comfort; comfort from the counter clerk; joyce was willing to help her; shed some light on something dark; we are banking, banking on Karma; cash is the no no, it only taints the ...

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3. Birdies Sing

list of names in the rain; this is what i was made for; politics in the sticks; why do sheepdogs; bite my arm; no-one's home down on Rosewood Farm; birdies sing, summer, winter and spring; what am i s...

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4. Black Balloon

what's the challenge for today; come on Carmen give the boys a clue; god I know you think we're sad; admiration always makes you mad; i'm gonna fly my Black Balloon; i'm gonna fly my Black Balloon; in...

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5. Campers In Control

sinking in the seat and hoping for a race well run; they jostle and they beat, the reasoning to kingdom come; the woman and the man grew weary; as the time swung round; the hours fade away, and neithe...

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6. Checking In, Checking Out

If funny looks don't get you down, You could get on in this town. The drivers crawl along the kerb. The thought of walking's quite absurd, The dumbest thing I've ever heard. ; Checking in and checking...

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7. Cropduster

he was just another yankee; came to London empty handed; and the city was an icebox; he was just another; and you want to take it easy; and you seem a little choosy; but you want to make a living; and...

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8. Cuckoo's Out

at the drop of a hat; they shut the book house down; hollered on through the gale; and turned the ship around; damn this place on our hands; the Gothic stadium; built in half a day, painted grey; wher...

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9. Dressing Up The Old Dakota

dressing up the old Dakota; giving it another shot; freddy buys them up; and charters out the lot; fly them to the riviera; fly them to the U.S.A. fly them 'til you think they've; reached their dying ...

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10. Giddy And Gay

In the shabby tower, head down, sky bound, Corridors so cheap, barely stand. And clutching the music so varied and sweet; Half in tune, half complete. ; In the harbour town, perfect, sunsets; People k...

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11. Holland

holland's ill at ease, with caravans and trees; cozy, cozy lamp, burns throughout the camp; two-way radio, Germans on the go; souped up Caravelle, Germans living well; raise the sails and go; blow the...

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12. Ill-fitting Suits

change, methods won't change; typically strange; with good book in hand; they will settle the land; hills, roll to their knees; dictate their deeds; so Europe was fine; not for us, not this time; do a...

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13. Island People

don't come waltzing back to my door; i cannot give any more; tour country cousins, squabble and fight; and gamble your way through the night; the money's all gone, it's time to move on; leave all the ...

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14. Literature Is Fluff

take care to avoid the heavy stuff; i give up, this literature is fluff; trawled through sketches of notes the night before; chased the baffled employess floor to floor; hung a 'do not disturb' on gla...

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15. The Dutchman

The Dutchman was dressed to impress, Walking through streets that were laid with distress. ; By the barstool, patiently sat; Little collie stares back. ; Two wrongs do not make a right, Though there a...

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16. The Goat Looks On

A sudden wind cuts through the song. Five hundred people can't be wrong. This place is finished I can tell, This place is finished they're gonna sell. ; Can't quite believe what I've just seen, Constr...

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17. The Track Goes By

The morning's broken and her ticket waits. The hazy purple shimmer looks so great; And the road's so smooth, recently laid; And it's hardly used. ; Now country music at this time of day; Can make the ...

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