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1. 2 Much Love For 1 Woman

I've got a reason for the way I've been acting tonight. I'm unexcited cause you're so inclined to invite, invite me to rock your room, we're the legion of doom. You're the girl, we're the bad guys. Wh...

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2. After The Climax

Delivery on the way, she's already two months late. There's a choice that your going to make determing all your fate. There's a price that you'll both have to pay when your throwing a future away. Suc...

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3. Alien

Well, I've got a hundred thousand reasons that I thought you would be; the one that took me by the hands and said you're happier with me. And now, a problem rears its head and you wanna give up on me?...

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4. Down In Flames

Well, we fell in love like magic. Locked at the lips, you taste so sweet. With your body to mine, we would burn all night as the friction would turn up the heat. Now I'm stuck here in this moment, bec...

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5. Heaven On The Horizon

And so it begins, another chapter unfolds, You made me an author, when the saga went cold. Its 4 in the morning, I'm lying on the floor and I wish, I could sleep. ; I feel like a tomb, for memories of...

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6. In Bambi's Eyes

Some people might win the lottery and other people might witness an important event. These occurrences are few and far between, the light of the spectrum is bending now. You've taken some of the best ...

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7. Payback

You lost your head, we all regret things we've done and said. I won't forget, I won't pretend. Well, you lie about the life you lead, you make believe that we can't see your new disguise. Oh, open you...

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8. Puppet Strings

Hold me down, your ties have come unbound. You can't make me drown. Seems I've found, I'm feeling healthy now, my family tree has been cut down. ; Whoa, all our happy days are done. Break down all you...

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9. She'll Never Know

She tied the rope and threw her stone, she never held back from letting go. She took her time and borrowed mine, never heard of taking it slow. She's obsessing of dressing up in her favorite attire. K...

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10. The Refresher Course

Button by button, we'll take this slow. You'll get me hotter and hotter, and then we'll give it a go. Oh, I'm not gonna stop until you're curling your toes. I'll have you making the sounds that nobody...

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11. Whisper To The Clouds

Turn the TV off! You got another dead kid with a high school ring and it's glorified all over the screen. What's with this world and its social horror scene? Look at me on NBC, I got a gun in my hand,...

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