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1. 8 Point Agenda

*{Lateef} [Lyrics Born] Both; (Sample:; What are you gonna do for the people? I'd like to let everyone know that you're.. being recorded; This is being recorded live, live, live, live, live); We belie...

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2. Let It Go

[What What]; I'm sittin sippin soda realizin that it's over; My feelings he couldn't reciprocate til October; But he's the one I wanna lay my head upon his shoulder; And keep it warm cause it's just a...

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3. Mission Improbable

[What What]; Woke up at 7:30 early in the morning last week; Sun shining in my face, I wiped away the sleep; from my eyes, from the beginning - OH SHIT, what do you know; Two guys standin with guns at...

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4. Sensual Woman

To become aware of my own sensuality, I first become fully aware of my own tactile sense. In dim light, I close my eyes and remove my clothes. ; Do I lose his respect for being so wild? Hardly. He tre...

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5. Starlight

[Roots Manuva]; Yes, yes.. it's about that time; for the combo combine, yes; Formin easy tuxedo grooves; Well.. well.. well well well; Well well well well! You know what? We scribble art, herbal verba...

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6. The Blend

Got subjects locked in my cerebral cortex; On Ampex tape I'm circulating like a vortex; Check out my techs that use a synonym as inspect; Mentally badgering emcees with my dialect; When I inject memor...

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7. Time To Build

The Herbaliser attack this; And entered into a pact with Blade and his lyrical madness; Nobody knows what's next better than sex; The text connects leaving all competitors vexed; And when you least ex...

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8. Verbal Anime

[Intro - Cartoon Characters]; "Like, uh, this is your lucky day, see. I will uh like, you know, fill you in how come. Suppose you like didn't, uuuh, run up to a couple of sweet guy like us."; "Heavens...

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9. When I Shine

[Bahamadia]; You're not dealin with the typical; I'm Queen Order in the physical; Original worshippin a little real sense to the art symbol; Keepin you in traditional lacin the listener; with principl...

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