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1. American Beautiful

She puts her boots and bandana on; She has a hankerin' for rolling stones; She likes her vegetables home grown; A lot like the boy waiting out in the truck; She'll take a hill like roosevelt; Holds up...

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2. I Miss You

I miss the simple conversations; I miss the silence in between; I miss the clatter in the kitchen; It always seemed to help me sleep; But most of all, I miss you; I miss the way that you could move me...

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3. The Color Red

A blood moon of a neon sign; You've got no good on your mind; And I hear the color red; Saw your neighbor smiling there; Hitting at her on that chair; And I hear the color red; I don't blame you but w...

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4. To Believe

I got a check from God today, hiding in a stack of bills; Addressed from a long-lost friend; that I helped out years ago; It couldn't come at a better time; I was running short on cash and faith; The ...

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