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1. Balboa

Spend your life getting beaten by your troubles; You are the worst coward I've ever seen; Nonetheless I keep away from all the struggles; It seems bollocks even for me; But I say that you can cross th...

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2. Ferris Wheel

Wake up, wash your face; One more slavery day; Take the breakfast, read the news; Get the car, catch the bus; Time is running and you're late; For your slavery day; Dig your life; Dig your heart; Dig ...

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3. Loft

Come on and let yourself free into my mouth; Let´s show your charm into this walls; C´mon, do not make me your last resort; It is complicated when you thrill me…oh no…; You know…; Soft drum n bass; Pu...

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4. Nouvelle Vague

Oh well, a sister with her poems, Sweet sweet… sweet it seems; Friends of mine are composing a song, A few moments I feel like dont belong; Dwelling my vassel in your unpure ocean, vestal; Chorus:; So...

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5. Stopped

Everytime when you come; With your cheap talk; Asking about me, my work; And my day, yeah; Oh well, it's a test for my patience; Our friendship is empty and dead; Wake too tired and with the biggest; ...

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6. Threat Detected

Join, this kind of source, Unkind appearing to; pissed on your society; Rows and rows (done )with unique shoot; blowing all the culture and gettin` blessing; A mob will follow, nuclear blows, surplus ...

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7. Unbalance

Refrão:; Can u tell me what the hell; Is fucking going on' A here; Can't stop to screaming loud; Why don't show the way you feel; You're not content with what u have; Or maybe is just your behave; Tel...

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