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1. Atomic Blue

Why don’t you dig deep inside; And dig my heart out; I’ve got nothing left to give to you; Down on my knees; And you watch me crawl; You gotta be so cold – So take it right out; Your shit is getting o...

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2. Helluva Ride

Take a trip on an acid drip; The oracle will take you to the other side; The green naked people are dancing with you; On a long mountain hella-coaster ride; Time for a new way of thinking; It’s gonna ...

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3. Intergalactic Prism

The Witch Head Nebula; Thus Spake Zarathustra; Beyond time, beyond space; Beyond the human race; Intergalactic prism; Trip through the galaxy; This endless ecstasy; You can’t speak, you can’t feel; Yo...

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4. Psychocillibin

It was the Fourth of July; I went to sleep, and I thought I had died; There was a fungus growing in my brain; Crawling in my shell to hide; Gotta get me out of this Kaleidoscope; The ceiling spoke in ...

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5. Swimming The Witch

You say you can talk to spirits; That there’s something more to this world; That’s confliction with religion; Follow me to the lake now; Swimming the witch; Back in salem; Swimming the witch; Drowned ...

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