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1. Dirty Lens

Wake up from sleep and hardly notice the change. Blurred scenery and emotions that all feel the same. Stare out of holes in my head that pass for eyes. Crave a kiss goodnight and the warmth of your th...

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2. Evaporate

Evaporate, into a million pieces that I'll learn to hate. That gather till we fall. We must create, a future if we're going to be anything, at all. ; Play it straight, while jagged, broken pieces of t...

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3. Luggage Versus Baggage

I loved her, she loved me, what did it matter? Too headstrong to last long, destined to shatter. and all of my words just fall on deaf ears. So there's not much left but for me to dry these tears. ; I...

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4. Once Again

Your attitude's brand new, it seems that you're back into me again, Though i'm having trouble even standing here being your friend. Am i just supposed to wipe clean all the messes of our past, And for...

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5. Sometimes

Do I deserve this, I ask myself nervously looking deep into your eyes. You smile back sadly, we're ending so badly, though it's darkly funny, I guess. Hopelessly I beg away, though you don't care what...

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