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1. Gaze Brightness

All I wanted; Was to be free; From incurable pain; And every time; I am surprised; And I remember every tear shed; Love and sorrow; So I remember; That your heart; Is away; All I wanted; Was to be fre...

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2. Heaven or Hell

This is true; What I will tell; It's about the law of the sin; What the puritans not cease to insist; It's not worth for lost souls wondering streets; What prevents someone from getting to heaven? Who...

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3. Moving On

I got my blues, and you got your sickness; She's got the news through your strange weakness; Now she's gonna spread all over the city all the lies; From door to door I can still her knocking; Behind t...

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4. Out of the Track

Out of the track; Lost the hat; Trying to squeeze little thoughts; Of a empty head; For nothing; Don't say? Out of gas; A spiked cat; I got a big green bullet; In my tiny hands; So why? I don't know y...

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5. Sweet California

Woke up late this morning, I'm lazy; Trying to keep an open eye; Drink another cup of coffee; Thinking about the wild last night; Hoping that nothing has been a big lie; Take the road in city of Memph...

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