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1. Finally I've Flown

Say that you believe in faeries; 'cause if you don't I'll never fly again; Falling down is not as scary; As never finding confidence to stand; And now I guess, I'll never know; I'm in neverland foreve...

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2. Little Clown

What did you do, little clown? From his neck the walls are bleeding brown; Soon the blue to follow, then the green; Last will be the brightest red you've seen; Brightest red you've ever seen; I rotted...

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3. Made Of Death

I found a few spare milliseconds I'm prepared to waste; I've been leaving copies of myself across paradox space; I've been a body with no soul, and a soul in metal, cold. Please trust in what I tell y...

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4. My Nightmare

I'm gonna have a nightmare tonight; I'm gonna be my nightmare tonight; You're pretty picky, you're a clique of one; I'm right though, surely I'm not the only gun you've got loaded? How do you keep fro...

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