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1. Aim At Me

I don’t want you to go, but I don’t want you to stay; I want to have you in a box where no one else would be safe; I want to know how I feel, I want to know who I am, know me again, know me again; I n...

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2. Become

I say hello, but you´re not here; The thing i wanted the most; And now there´s nothing but tears; Hello hello, welcome my fears; Being the best i could be; Anyone saw that i.. ; Try not to see; What y...

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3. Become (espanhol)

digo hola pero tu no estas aqui; las cosas que quise; y ahora solo me rasgan; hola hola bienvenidos mis miedos; siendo el mejor lo pude ser; cualquier persona me vio; intento no ver; lo que me hiciste...

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4. Days

Well If you want me to breathe; you just have to let go of me; Everything was the same, same, same; all the way. ; Well If you want me to scream; Say 3 words and a Promise; Where the fuck you saw any ...

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5. Fading

Hold me close to you, try to be with me; as my time gets through, and the end comes near; walk with me this day, put your hand in mine; I wish that i could stay but, got to say goodbye; know you´ll be...

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6. Fallen

Life seems to known what you can't tell; the thoughts restreined inside your head; the darknes fears; This world i know took all me strength; the healin doors are locked for me; for all my sins; And t...

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7. Hope

Let me believe in anyone; who can tell me there is hope; Let me believe that every road is; gonna be leading me somewhere; I can´t go hide when; theres no place left to go; How much distant know; when...

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8. Trip Dog

Come on why don't you...hear this? Where you`re going, where you´re headed now? Where´s your story line, you naughty trip dog; When the morning comes again to dawn; All eyes depend on you, the bitter ...

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9. Unpure

I know you more, that you could tell; and I can´t believe the words you said; the things I´ve heard; You want so bad, to heal my pain; But there´s so much hurt ínside my head; I can´t forget; Could yo...

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10. Up On The Moon

Strange as it sounds; I let myself drown; and let you in; let the madness begin; the green beans are off; and my perception is far; from being wrong; well now im out of your world; It's everything you...

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