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1. Broken Earphones

So much sweet in this fucking room... Cuz I’ve been here from the start; So don’t try to say a word; I’ve tasted failure and I’ve tasted my blood; And I’ve seen the glory shining bright so far; So man...

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2. Isolated

All those dreams that once seemed to be so close; Now are far and unattainable; Frustration in our veins loads daddy’s gun; And the weakest they fall; They all fall down, in the land of dreams we left...

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3. Let Stars Be Your Lighthouse

Let stars be... your lighthouse; I know you think you’re weak and crushed by problems; And maybe it’s true, but you got one chance to live; One chance to waste it all away, away.

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4. Pride & Failure

Late at night I walked down the street; I was on my way home; It seemed that rain would last forever; Some kinda rain that could drill my skin, third bound is done; The bell has rung and I think you’v...

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5. True Black

Stucked again in the same fucking town; The same wet cold soil we use to call our home; Poison is in the air and someone knows how much his silence costs; What happened with the kids? It’s like we’ve ...

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