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1. An Overview

This restless heart step into light, Breach the darkness, A startled mind cease; Your sleeping steady your breathing. ; This restlessness longing for better circumstances; Bring me before whom I adore...

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2. Discontentment

I am so sick and tired of being tired. this new trend of fitting god into our; Beliefs. screw putting god in a box we've molded him into a scapegoat that; Feeds our own selfish plots. you have no excu...

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3. Negligence

Take a good look at your life. stare long and hard into the mirror and tell me; What you find. are we truly living the lives that we boast about all the time; Or is this just a status symbol like that...

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4. The Boy

I spent my life; Thinking about; You and I; And I; I want to spend my time; In your arms; But time; Has no meaning; If you're not around; 'cause all I have to give; Is for you; ... close... ; This is ...

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5. The Honest Truth

Where are you, god why do I feel so alone. and; I find myself here yet again, Shackled, like a dog returning to his vomit. complacency has taken hold of; Everything that I am once again diluting; my p...

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