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1. Dirtyman

Everyone should take a shower; Don’t you think this too? Everyone should like be the same; I’m a survivor and you? Scream for all and say; It’s better for me and you; Don’t let this go on, Let’s drink...

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2. In My Hands

Another chance just come; After a mistake was made; For deceiving me again; Can you feel my hands around you? Fallen from heaven into hell; You got the gun; And died for nothing; For words never said;...

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3. Pouring Water

Being alone with himself; There’s no walls that can detain him; Trip once again, nothing will change; Peace in the small town; The end on coming; Many souls flying around the river; Leave me breathe; ...

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4. Prowling

I know the rules; But I’m still against the truth; What happened to me? Searching for reasons? And losing my youth; We have a prophet; But we should learn how; We live in a cage; We live in a disguise...

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5. Rely On Me

Hey I’m alone again; Traveling in my world; I’m not pretending; True stories comes inside; My dreams I left behind; My hope is over; Hey, my last friend; Don’t you understand? I can’t lead my future; ...

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6. The Damage, It’s Done

Climbing walls, it’s not the easy way; Have you ever felt quiet and alone; Open your mind and stay awake; The echo of my voice sticks in you; The time is passing by; Days are long, and I already know;...

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