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1. All I Want To Be

You're what matters; All that matters; Do you understand; Your problem? I've been weightless; Waiting for this; Let me be the one to help you; Oh claire; I see someone trying to hold on; To what they'...

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2. Ashes To Ashes

I fell and watched it; Get away from me; And I know; Every reason; I was left behind; The easy part; Was knowing; The hardest part; Was saying; It out loud; I let you down; Ashes to ashes; You broke d...

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3. Beautiful Disaster

Today is a good day; To start all over again; I finally picked up all the pieces; That we tore and scattered in the wind; You know my love is still here; It never went too far away; So many feelings h...

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4. Belong

Hear your call; Don't understand your sense of urgency; And who will catch us if you fall? You play around with our security; So here we go; Won't you try; To make us; I want to know just what we are;...

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5. Die Away From You

Please stay a while; You my friend are on your own; Start listening; Realize you're on your own like me; So misunderstood; Let him die some other day; Stop questioning; If he lived some other way like...

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6. Everything

I wanna feel; I wanna feel; Everything; One by one; I watch them fall; I've seen my life through a stainglass wall; I don't know if I wanna work it out; Water fills these walls of doubt; I want to; I ...

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7. Forever And A Day

Today; I think I'm ready for you now; I'm saying some other time; Where we can be as one; Too high for me to fall so easily; I'll try; I think I'm ready for you now; And the words were running around;...

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8. Give Back Yourself

I'm leaving; Throw myself around; I'm needin; This to figure out; I hear you; Talkin to me; I'm feelin nothing if at all; I'm tryin so hard to move on; when you're on your own; I see you; Even wher yo...

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9. Happily Ever After

You're the one who's sorry; I'm the one who gives a damn; Happily Ever After; I am... ; I never saw you fall and; Why was I the last to know? You could have held on tighter; Instead of letting go; You...

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10. Lake 17

Silent faces, Young and wasted, Looking for you now. ; Isolated, Consious lated, Beaten to the ground. ; Lost and jaded, Nothing sacred, Watching as i drown... ; Bleed or swallow... Beg and borrow... ...

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11. Last Goodbye

We stood all alone; Waiting for this day to come; And I held you close; But I couldn't feel your pain; I didn't know; This would be the last time; This would be the last kiss; This was our goodbye; If...

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12. Let Her Go

Sheryl; Wants to be a star; She will not go over; Everybody wants to throw her down; She fell into a great divide; Found a friend in jesus; Walking by her side; By her side; Oh just let her go (let he...

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13. Loser's Love Song

coo coo da coo coo coo da coo shay; coo coo da coo; She skipped along the way; A silicone smile; Was stapled to her lips; A thirsty boy he was his name; And on a straw he sucked; (humming); The young ...

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14. Mistake

Why am I afraid? Maybe I should give this up; Something so saced, maybe I should keep untouched; I'm trying not to hate; myself for what I love, and I cannot deny what I've...become; If I could stop a...

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15. Stuck

the way it was, the way it is; i don't think much about it; i've tried too hard; to redefine the things in life i want; if you could live inside of me; i don't think you would like it; you're much to ...

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16. Surrounded

Torn down; Trampled on; Surrounded; Surrounded; Thrown out; Left behind; And blinded; By your beauty; So if you want to believe in anything; You know that you can believe in me; Cause you'll never fin...

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17. Until Your Gone

Tell me; What’s going on here; Cause I need to know; Girl I finally feel; Like I belong here; And I already to go home; (chorus); Be my happily ever after; No more talk of good bye; I‘ll tell you why;...

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18. Where Are You Now?

Here I am; Lost without you; I can't feel myself; I can't even move; There so much I want to say; If I could get through to you; Where are you now? Are you standing on the edge; If you fall, will I se...

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