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1. Angel

Let the night be gone; Let it go without a sound; I have seen you twice before; Nothing by chance you said; I've heard it can be seen; In the places in between; Where the meek are said to seem; To be ...

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2. Chills

The fog is slowly lifting; The lighthouse, she is dancing; Like a skater etching circles; But the pond is rarely frozen over; You, now I remember; It's Maine in mid-September; And everything that matt...

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3. Close Your Eyes

A twinkle in my eye can make you shudder; A 'how long has it been?' can make you tense; You know I'm always glad to be another; And I like to keep you in suspense; And I tried to tell you this all alo...

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4. Days To Dust

See the dust fly; Too late, too late to say goodbye; Hear the wind sigh, Too late for the worn-out alibi; All the things you had in mind; All these things come through the other side; Far removed now;...

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5. Halfway Back

So I thought I would write; To see how you have been; To fill you in on my day; And how I spend the time now; You remember that book you sent; Well, I really should have known; That you might grow as ...

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6. Hard

If I could show you all the joy; If you could look into your eyes like I do; I'd love to take you down toward the river; When you are dry; And if you have a little time; I'll spend the next lifetime b...

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7. If I Was

If I was your strawberries and cream, And if I was the soap that keeps you clean, Or all your inhibitions; If I was purring like a sleepy cat, To be around you, I'd be all that; If I was the instinct ...

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8. In The Company Of You

Mississippi's arms move slowly; Bourbon Street on a Sunday afternoon; Beignets, you gotta love these blues; Last week Chicago; Almost froze in place a couple of times; Off to shuttle to a charter; Lon...

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9. Snow

When I lie very still; When I listen real hard; When everything seems right; In the middle of the night; I ask, "Where have you been?"; I've been looking for signs; I've been running around; I've been...

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10. Something To Live For

Wandering far from nowhere; I came across an old man working alone; He didn't notice me at all; But my past was written in his pictures; All over the sidewalk; I took a moment to look at them; But I h...

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11. The Me You See

What's the point of your lies; To believe in something new; And though I know it's not; You say it's fine, sure it's fine; Just a game played out by you; And the fools you've brought along; But when t...

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12. The Passing Of The Evening

It's the passing of the evening; All around and out about the avenue; And I feel as though I'm losing; Touch with all the souls I've known so long; Am I really going crazy, or hazy; Everything and eve...

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13. There

Seagulls on posts; Perched on a bridge; That stretches farther than most; Something reminds me; How I think of you now; When I'm alone; But loneliness hides; Within all the craziness; I need to surviv...

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14. These Walls

You try to catch my eye; You look for secrets so surprised; You tell me I've been acting quiet; But I'm o.k. I've really always been this way; It's very dark inside; Darkness keeps me with the light; ...

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