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1. Black Magic

Flickering eyes in the dark; No telling who is who; Still I know that these cold eyes; They belong to you; Already crushed and forgotten; What I came to do; And before I even know of it; I am walking ...

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2. Can You Find Your Way

Life's a lesson learned in seconds; But only when it's through; Can we tell right from wrong; Time can take it's toll on you; When you least expect it to; It's alright to go slow; Always let the past ...

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3. Dragons

This morning I was climbing woods; Like I heard, my mamma said I never should; But I knew I'd rather fail and fall; Then never have tried at all; And now there's a Dragon in my room; Heating up, like ...

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4. Hear Me Now

A scarf uncovers a smiling face; That tells the story of a changing place; She knows no greater wonder than what she's seen; She bears a heart of secrets from where she's been, she says; Hear me now; ...

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5. Life Was Beautiful

Can't say much for politics; Religious fears and historic; And with all the books I've read; It's still as confusing in my head; I don't even know where we stand; Where we're going to go or how all en...

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6. Sailor

Cut the anchor from the boat boys; We're going south towards Antigua; Pull the sails wide and higher; Keep your eyes on the tide; There's nothing more that I would really want; Than to understand; Loo...

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7. Skies on fire

Lying here, watching stars; feeling tears running down my face; Wishing you, wishing I that we were here; Holding hands; Ah-ooh you lift me higher; Without you the sky's on fire; I don't want to be al...

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