The Greatest Fear

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1. Force Feed

If I could take you; Cut you up and break you; Satisfy each cheap thrill; Just because I can; If I could fuck that; Smile off your face; Your life's a complete waste; Unlike you, I am not ashamed; You...

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2. God Is Not Love

Open your eyes to all those you've compromised; You know that God is not love; Weakness and lies left with a card from: "The Divine"; You know your God is not love; I am alive; I am alive; I am alive;...

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3. Just For Today

I've lived this life before; I'll feel this once more; I know every heart beat; Please just wait for me; I know you're lonely; You've passed but it's ok; When lust and greed have blinded or frayed; On...

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4. Las Conversaciones Con El Diablo

Conversations good and fine; A cup of tea to soothe and move enemy lines; Today we're here to talk as friends; Just how we plan to go about bringing the end; Entropy is forcibly pushing the sails PUSH...

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5. Les Nuages

Don't fall away; In this ordinary world; We're not so ordinary; Don't be scared just; Hold on for today; If I could wipe away; Their stares; I'd create a new beginning for us; Can you wait; For the su...

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6. My Master

My eyes have already seen; The deflation of dreams; Eat your secrets and; Hide under covers; Power by iniquitous means; Bereft of humanity; The "Second Coming" is a; Second hand thought for the weak; ...

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7. New World Catastrophe

I lie here broken my throat bleeds; A poisoned voice with which to sing; Of times as bad as they might seem; Each struggle multiplies nothing; Pushing failure as my best; Joining hands with all the re...

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8. Opus Dei

In search of something more I'll fight; Destroy; Defy; To conceive; A direction that will satisfy; Control; By design; Each surrounding; This fatalistic hunger; Dictates but achieves; Prominent but fo...

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9. Privilege

She pumps; Worthless; Parts of her; And absolves; Her; Mind of; Responsibility; From my; Abortive; Efforts; I have; Saved just; One life; Sadly it's just; Mine; I think of you and how; This sick sad w...

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10. The Suicide Table

Why; Do I; Torture my; Self-esteem with a; Prize; In my eyes; Cheat and lie; For this impossible; Dream of mine; I despise; What I've done; Why can't I; Say goodbye; To my drive; To my hunger; This wi...

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