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1. After Us The Flood

Trough the ruins the currents tear; In a final tidal surge; Redemption - for the deviant ones; In a violent storm submerged; Regeneration of makind; All our nightmares come alive; Death or desperation...

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2. Arsenic Dreams

Arsenic dreams and shattered hopes; In darkness steeped; Venomous souls; Sedated lives at reptile speed; Stripped of hope and left to bleed; I find myself smaller and smaller; Each and every day; Reje...

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3. Conspiracy Theorist

This trend-conscious arena will grow as we conform; Like a cattle we are pushed to where plastic dreams are sold; Through information OVERLOAD; Conspiracy of the world unite; Each comfort has a price;...

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4. Destroy / Adore

The cult of apathy; The misanthropic seed; A ritual of deceit; Sleeping with the enemy; Worship discharge - blind; In denial reconciled; A venom well - designed; Martyrs For us to idolize; The slaught...

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5. Enter The Martyrs

Wading trough lies; Knee-deep in filth; For a taste of their wisdom; The knowledge they preach; Man is but mice; Food for the cataclysm; Food for the cataclysm; Enter the martyrs; Enter the martyrs; C...

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6. Faust In Exile

If the walls of this cathedral could speak; Of all righteous and secret essence; Of isolation, chosen or not; My desperation, as the doors they close behind me; My angst-ridden citadel; So sinister an...

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7. From Bereavement To Resignation

Faceless masses paralysed; Into position we`ll fall; The gardens of Eden in turmoil the waters black with ash; Accepting blind the gift of ease; While the parasites feast; In the lungs of hell we can`...

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8. Leave It All Behind

Your lack of self-respect; Always leaves you wanting more; I see you - selling yourself; -Way too short; Trust me i've been there before; Leave it all behind; Leave it all behind; Feed them all your p...

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9. Marathon Man

Angels, insects; Inticate patterns; To explain away the chaos; You call on me; You inner wasteland; You call on me; I`m the marathon man; Corrosive - as all imitation resigns; Erosive - Bible - black ...

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10. Pierced

With your insect eyes; You're blind to the world; A void inside; Pierced to the absurd; Drain me bastards; Uphold the lie; Suffocating in silence; I swallow my pride; We're feeding the black hole; 3RD...

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11. Poisoned Chalice

Infestation; - Apathy spreads like the plauge; Worlwide regression; - As our lives are spent wasting away; Degenreation; - All righteous pigs will pay; Intellectual shutdown; - Monotony breeds dinosau...

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12. Strychnine

Walking time-bomb; Living sin; Monument of lies; Raised within; You know that i'm the only one; Who could save you from yourself; The swing of the axe shines white; Now taste the cut; I'll burn the pa...

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13. The Blade

In 1972; The poison is born anew; The drug is alive; The end is me and you; You make each dawn a switchblade; Betray all your best friends; In every breath a swicthblade; In the mirror the eyes of a d...

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14. The Demon's Lair

All these hollow shells; Filled with nothing but revenge; There's no room for the weak; As the hammer descends; There's no tortured cries; Only deafening silence again; So distorted and thin; Where wi...

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15. The Living End

When you're ripe - i'll bleed you; Dry of all your hope; I'll plauge your worthless soul blind; Rotten to the core; Rotten to the core; I am destruction, famine and plauge; At the end of all dead-end ...

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16. Today (is The Tomorrow That You Were Promised Yesterday)

Towards the horizon; Dark as the December sun; In straight lines; The sons and the daughters; Of generation to come; In the flickering light; Vulgar creatures; Disgusted by what they have become; Pre-...

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17. Worm Of Truth

I couldn`t stress the importance enough; Of my presence in your lives today; Without me you would all think for yourselves; The comfort of not knowing would be taken away; So bring to light the worm o...

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