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1. Far Kingdom

There is a far kingdom; A ways from here; Beyond the storm and the sea; There will be no need of darkness; And none for tears; When that far kingdom I see; There's a river we will know; Ever clear and...

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2. Ghost Of a King

Met a ghost of a king on the road; when I first fell, fire burning; To my knees, to my knees I fell; Met a ghost of a king on a road; Words of fire; He said, "You are a lonely soul; With a heart of st...

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3. Gone Are the Days

Hope; In the furnace, you know; It can burn away slow; Or come out like gold; And mine; Is walking the edge of the knife; In the fire tonight; In the fire, I fight; With a song; Carries on to the nigh...

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4. Silver

We were sailing on waves of silver; There were echoes in the wind; When we raised our sails to capture them; The ship was lifted up and in and we sang; Ooh, ooh; Now the country that we came from; The...

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