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1. 2 Birds, 0 Stones

It was far too late to change her mind; Since the day we met I laid it all on the line; Only to find she wouldn’t leave; I couldn’t believe it when she told me that she loved me; So I took her to bed ...

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2. Collide

It’s happening once more; There’s something so familiar about this world of mine; And I know I’ve been here before; I’ve seen these sights; I’ve heard these sounds a million times; And I think I know ...

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3. Issuers Of Trust

What would you do if everything you thought to be true was just a lie; And the reasons why were as vague as the sky? What would you do if everybody you thought that you knew turned out a fraud? Just t...

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4. Little Pill

With this little pill; I see the world before me as if from a sill; Lifted off the ground; I’m rolling; With this little pill; My eyes feel both wide open; Never standing still; Interactive and outspo...

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5. Step Outside

A conversation with myself; Remarkable reflections show themselves to me; As I find myself consumed by thoughts that hold me; Witness to a one-sided tug-of-war; And I promised to…I need to stop; But I...

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6. Subordinate

You... You better watch your mouth this time; Cuz words are deceiving and you just crossed the line; So how does your foot taste? It takes time to learn you’re not invincible and humans are fallible; ...

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7. The Game

I know you disapprove of my decision; I’ve been dying to prove my position; Once I had the guts to say when you were wrong; Now that spark inside me is gone; I sacrificed my life for this; And I will ...

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8. Time & Again

Why not learn to accept this life that you are living? Only a fool would pass up the chances they’ve been given; Realize that love surrounds you; And with no consequences to defend; Embrace the light ...

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