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1. Dear Young Jane

She's to blame but I can't complaim; Dear young jane, what a shame; Life is too short and she's the same; The same old girl thet know my name; Time goes by, five years has passed; Since I've found her...

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2. Irish Coffee

No matter how you are; No matter if you're wrong or right; No matter where you're going; If it's left or if it's right; No matter if you let it out; Or if you hold me tight; That will make you fell al...

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3. Johnny's Blues

Let's smoke it fast; But not cigarettes,That's what Johnny says. Let's get high; Gambling all the night,It's poker time. Hey hey brother, keep walking Johnny Walker. With my brother Foolistening to th...

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4. Mistress Hips

Mistress hips most known as "mistress hips"; She's the men's delight; Dance in a whorehouse for a few tips; Her body is outta sight; Got sick of her lifestyle; Lit a brand new cigar; Decided to burn t...

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