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1. Bloodshot Eyes

Lets not forget we're still dripping with the sweat; From the game we played last night; My sheets are still ruffled up; I staring at the floor and there’s a flickering street light; And I’m running d...

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2. God Bless

Rewind my mind so I can spend more time with you; My life is a circle and you’re the thing its joined to; You are the wish I made that’s come true; Its you its you oh its you; And god bless the lady i...

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3. Holding On

If diamonds are a girls best friend; Then where do I do I fit in; You can’t keep me in side a little box; I'm stuck behind a door that never locks; And I just want to dance with you across the rooftop...

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4. I Gotta Know

I’m trying to catch my destiny; But the dam thing keeps on avoiding me; I’m trying to get a grip on my life but I’m failing dismally; I got my head under water now and I cant breath; I see my life as ...

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5. Little White Rabbits

Little white rabbits jumping out of a hat in Paris; I'm falling through the floor boards no one can see me but Alice; In wonder land; Running through the wall paper in my house alone with you; But its...

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6. London Bridge

I am the catalyst pumping my iron fist up to the sky; The stars are falling falling falling to the ground; I really must insist you hike up your new dress; And watch my eyes caress your thighs and the...

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7. Real World

Upon waking up this morning my body sore and yawning from the night before, There’s red wine stains on the carpet and some of it is spilled across the kitchen floor; My mind is still muffled up And I'...

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8. You and I

Skipping stones and broken bones will tear us apart; There’s only one dance left and I hope you saved it for me sweet heart; Shake your hips to the sound of my beating heart; I gotta confess that you ...

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