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1. Chris' Sunset Jam

if the party starts at six o' clock; ill be there with my t-shirt off; time for me to hang out with my friends; friends are number one to me; its not so hard for me to see; that is why they are called...

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2. He Said, She Said

You claim that we are just good friends (that is how my summer ends); You knew all my familys names (you knew all my favorite games); We hung out all nite at the beach (we hung out all nite at the bea...

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3. Lasercock

i aint got no superpowers; i dont own a crystal ball; i cant flex a single muscle and im only six feet tall; but i see you in my supervision see me standing next to you; rescue you from any villian am...

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4. Nearcited

Took me two hours to decide what to wear; But i bet you dont even care; Is it cool if we hang out real late; Cause tonite is our blind date; Are my pants to tight; Is my hair just right; Can i spend t...

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5. Senior Year

its been to long since i've seen your face; im all locked up and i cant escape; but there is something that you've got to believe; im gonna escape im gonna find the key; girl of my dreams; and im not ...

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6. Vasectomy, Vasectayou

first time i saw you it was love at first sight; you looked so pretty standing underneath the lights; this snapshot image your smiles in my mind; i'd give the world to hold you one last time; is this ...

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