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1. Anhedonia

The Graduate - Anhedonia; ; ; In a dark room at the heart of the city; The basement brings a heavy crowd; And I know there's a right way; But I can't stop from getting down; These people are mad; Will...

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2. Don't Die Digging

It's just another lonely night that I can't sleep; You know it's scary; How much I need you lying next to me; I dug a hole that I can't seem to climb out from; So much to carry but I won't stop until ...

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3. I Survived

This is goodbye; After months of situating; I can finally leave this sorry town behind; And I'm alright; When they ask for me; My friends can smile and tell the world; That I survived; As I'm about to...

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4. Justified

I could tell from where you're standing; The night's about to get a whole lot sweeter; Looking back it's so romantic; The room, the lock, the key, the bed; The sultry look you shot me; I'm gonna see y...

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5. Sit & Sink

The Graduate - Sit & Sink; ; ; We've got to make it to next summer; you've got so much to lose but i don't; i swear i'll take you where the bright lights will; shine on; the perfect crowd i know you'l...

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