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1. Killing Your Fate

I'm the god of the death; I can hear your breathe; You are coming in my lands; What do you think about me; Do you think you are free? You are slave on my hands; Chorus; I am the lord of the death; And...

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2. Kingdom of Sorrow

I know I'm a demon; You know I want to steal your soul; My angry grow more and more; For all those things; My lord sentenced me; My pain is unreal and I remain in the shadows; I'm a thief of souls; Th...

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3. Me... My Own Enemy

I'm a missing piece; Of a never ending dream; Can you get me out of here; Or your mind is full of sins? Don't you have a word to say? Don't you have faith enough to pray? Can't you think in something ...

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4. Nightmares in Your Head

I don't wanna lose; Your hate my bitch; I don't wanna lose; Your feeling for me; Come with me tonight; I'm gonna hold you tight; I don't want to say good bye; Yeah! I feel the fire; Escaping from your...

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5. Strange Way Of Living

Don't you have any doubts; On the way are you living your life? The world has turned off the lights; Of your mind and you didn't even fight it; Your life has no regret; Can your heart beat again? The ...

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6. The Death

Lots of people use to fear me; Standing on their knees begging for mercy! Your pain feeds my desire; Your soul will burn like fire; Always think of your death; I want to feel the stop of your breath; ...

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7. Too Late

Don't tell me what to do or what I have to see; You think it's much more easily put the blame on me; Did you forget I know the truth so why are you thinking lie? I can fuck your life is just a matter ...

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8. Waiting for Changes

I don't know how you could play with me; I don't know what to say; I can't even trust you anymore; All I do is insane; Suddenly you have to go away; And left me behind; What's the reason for it all? C...

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